Aircraft Acquisition

Initial Consultation

Whether you are a first-time buyer or current owner, we understand that there is a daunting array of questions to be asked and options to consider.  We begin our service with a thorough discussion of your missions, budget, and desires.  We proceed only after clearly understanding your preferences and expectations.

Market Research

The aviation marketplace offers a vast array of potential aircraft.  Only an experienced broker can discern which specific aircraft would suit each prospective owner.  Avmark Jet Sales utilizes a worldwide “up-to-the-minute” database of available aircraft – but we are also aware of many off-market opportunities. We provide you with a detailed report on the aircraft that fully meet your criteria.

Due Diligence

After identifying a target aircraft, Avmark begins a diligent and comprehensive review of the candidate aircraft including a careful study of its logs and records.  And because we have operated and managed aircraft for over three decades, we are able to accurately assess the aircraft’s true value – or potential risks.

Negotiating on Your Behalf

Avmark, working closely with your tax and legal advisors, is able to spearhead the negotiating process; crafting a negotiating plan, developing “offer letters”, and writing contracts.


Only a thorough inspection can determine if an aircraft is suitable.  We are onsite during this process, working with certified maintenance inspectors to identify discrepancies and required corrective action.  Our three decades of experience is your assurance that the aircraft you purchase will provide you with maximum value.

Closing The Deal

Closing the deal requires far more than preparation of closing documents; it involves navigating through complex transactions involving numerous agencies.  Avmark is committed to each client’s longer-term goals for their aircraft.